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Maddi’s coffee plc is one of the young Arabica coffee export companies in Ethiopia, founded in 2020 but for more than a decade we have worked in the export business with different agricultural products. We are supplier of quality coffee for different company in the industry, like roasters, whole seller, retailers… We are exporting Arabica coffee for our clients based on their demand of quality and quantity.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality arabica coffee.

Maddi’s Coffee plc Exporter is a significant exporter of coffee beans from Ethiopia, the Arabica bean’s birthplace.

In Ethiopia, our organization has been exporting high-quality traditional coffees while adhering to a set of standards to guarantee that we can consistently process and provide a consistent and trustworthy quality throughout time. Our company’s cornerstones are quality coffee export, on-time delivery, sustainability, and quality control.


We are exporting Arabica coffee, which is the world largest product and leader in the market among the other varieties of coffee with excellent quality from its birth place. We are serving our clients with full of possibilities of their coffee type needs and related activities. We are doing the business with our clients based on trust. Trust and looking for solutions are our Moto. 

The company organized by qualified professional with experience in the sector. The coffee beans supplied/exported by Maddi’s coffee are followed by professionals and stored in standard coffee storage. The company maintains traceably of products and all marketing activates are done with professionals.  The processing plant, which is called Sefed, already under processing and will start operation in the coming six months. In addition to export coffee the companies creates job opportunities for different employees and create foundation to spent part of it profit for social services. Maddi’s coffee supplies washed and unwashed coffee from Guji/Sidamo, Djima, Yirgacheffe and Lekemt/Wollega


Maddi’s coffee is committed to providing clients with quality/finest coffee at reasonable price and acknowledges/maintains relationships with all customers.


Our vision is to become the leading quality coffee exporter with honored and reputation manner.

Core value

Quality Coffee , Customer first , Sustainablity


Maddi's Team

Aschalew Mulatu
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Aschalew Mulatu
General Manager
Elsa Dinka
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P.O.BOX: 20084/1000 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Elsa Dinka
Export Manager
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Logistics Manager
Arabica Q Grader