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Coffee History

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History of Ethiopian coffee

The coffee arabica plant may still be seen growing wild in Ethiopia’s highlands jungle. Although We are sure that no one knows when coffee became a beverage, it is an impression to be cultivated and used as early as the ninth century.

Kaldi, a youthful Abyssinian goatherd who lived about AD 850, is one of the most well-known coffee origin tales. His goats were skipping, standing on their hind legs, and bleating loudly on one particular day.

They were eating the beautiful red berries that grew on neighboring green bushes, which he was keeping an eye on.

They were divinely sent, he claimed. You must be handed them up to the monks of the monastery. Kaldi handed the head Monk a handful of berries and told him about his discovery of the berries’ extraordinary properties. The monks screamed, “Devil’s work!” and tossed the berries into the flames.

Within minutes, the monastery was filled with the delicious scent of roasted beans, and the other monks came to inspect. The embers were extinguished by raking the beans off the fire and crushing them. The Monk instructed that the grains be placed in the ewer and covered with hot water to retain their virtue. The monks sat up that night, drinking the rich and aromatic brew, and pledged to drink it every day to keep them awake during their lengthy, nocturnal devotions.


While stories seek to combine the discovery of coffee and its development as a beverage into one story, it seems that Ethiopian monks chewed on the berries for generations as a stimulant before it was made as a hot drink.

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